Leicon: the reference for indoor play in Europe

Omdat een kind het verdient

Leicon: a short introduction to the company

20 years experience with indoor playgrounds

Leicon, in full Leisure Consulting Company, designs, produces and installs indoor playgrounds in Europe. Leicon was founded in 1994 and started as a supplier of outdoor play equipment for the local authorities and privat investors. Since 1999 Leicon is specialised in indoor playgrounds.  Over 20 years later Leicon employs nearly twenty persons in the factory at Ieper and thirty installers worldwide.


A pioneer with experience

Leicon is on the European mainland a pioneer in the world of indoor playgrounds. In 1996, Leicon sold its first Funhouse or indoor playstructure for a French manufacturer. Leicon divided in the following years the indoor playgrounds of two foreign manufacturers. In 1999 Leicon took the production in hands. The experience, which the fitters had gained at placing both outdoor and indoor playgrouns was of vital importance to start up the own production. Thanks to powerful computers and performant software, Leicon can develop professional designs in 3D. It enables to submit detailled drawings to possible clients to give him a realist idea of its virtual playground. Leicon have its own production hall where all components of the indoor playgarden are produced. External, professional assembly teams ensure a professional installation all over Europe.

If you like it at measure and filled with playing elements...

Devising an indoor playground is the work of professionals. Firstly, the form of the building takes part in an important role. But Leicon also takes into account the wishes of the customer and the available budget. After a first conversation a first design is made. After that, the drawings and devises are adapted untill it corresponds with the ideas of the customer. Leicon is well known for its indoor playgrounds brimfull with playing elements. Leicon doesn't offer long empty paces, but playgrounds which contain several playing levels filled with innovative playing values. Of course all designs are made taking into account the strict European security standards and keep track and Leicon follows constantly the changes of the standards.