Leicon: the reference for indoor play in Europe

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Monkey Town Breda
Monkey Town Breda

Leicon installs huge playing castle in Carcassonne (F)

Leicon installs huge playing castle in Carcassonne (F) 25 August 2008

Near Carcassonne, one of the tourist heighlights in the south of France, Leicon starts beginning September with the construction of a large indoor playground. Entirely in the ambience of the region, the playground is decorated as a large medieval castle. The decoration is really impressive with two large round towers, an access gateway with drawbridge and battlements around. Off course there is no lack of playing pleasure in this playground. The large Funhouse offers a large open wavey slide, a spiral tube slide and the straight tube slide and a lot of playing elements. Moreover there is a Powertower, a sledge rune, multisports area and a huge toddler area for the smallst children.