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Monkey Town Breda
Monkey Town Breda

Leicon builds above ground swimming pools

Leicon builds above ground swimming pools 24 May 2020

Swimlanes is part of Leicon, a Belgian company that specializes in designing indoor playgrounds for professionals. We deliver throughout Europe but export a lot to the USA.

During the corona crisis, production stopped and we suddenly had time to spare, something we are not used to. As addicted open water swimmers we were also looking for water. The pools were closed and hanging on an elastic band in a small pool is not the same as real swimming. 

Swimming pools that are sold online are fun to play in, but it is impossible to really swim laps. And a swimming pool is expensive and there is too much involved.

The Leicon employees searched for a cheap alternative, which is still solid. Quick to assemble and low maintenance. And above all, not expensive. Thanks to our sailmakers, the guys from the metal department and CNC-controlled machines in the panel sawmill, we managed to launch a finished product in 4 weeks time that meets our expectations and that of other swimmers. Since then, recreational and competitive swimmers, triathletes and open water swimmers get their money's worth in our swimming streets or Swimlanes.