Leicon: the reference for indoor play in Europe

Omdat een kind het verdient

Quality and security


As a designer and fitter of indoor playcenters Leicon runs ahead when it comes to quality. As from the design phase, you will see that quality is for us of vital importance. Our 3D designs give a realistic idea of how your indoor playground will look like in reality. The designs are accompanied by a detailed description of all the play elements in the playground and this level by level. Moreover, our designs exel by creativity and inventivety. Our aim is to offer you an unique indoor playground. The form of your building plays little role: we can devise play structures which follow seamless every angle of your building.

But also during the installation and finishing we have an eye for an optimum quality. We make as much as possible all components ourselves, as a result of which we have a maximum control over the quality of the end product. After the installation you will not see a bit of iron of the tubes of the structure. Everything is finished seamless with mousse and fireproof tarpaulin. You can choose the colour of the tarpaulin from a pallet of more than ten different colours.


Since your indoor playground will be used by children, security is the most important. Therefor we take no risks and to devise and install all of our indoor playstructures according to the applying European standards EN1176 and EN1177. Moreover all our base materials have fireproof properties and have been inspected for this reason. We use fireproof mousse tested M1, fireproof tarpaulin tested M2 and safety nets tested M3. Of all our material we can present fireproof certificates and security attests. If the local fire brigade asks you these certificates as condition for a license, we provide uou immediately a copy.

The safety standards for indoor playgrounds for children are rightly very strict. That is why we keep constant to these standards and, of course, also follow the evolution of these standards. Therefor we have contact with the largest European testing organisations on regular basis such as TÜV and Apave.